Russian Wobbly doll Roses



A tumbler (vanka-vstanka) is a traditional Russian children’s toy, the principle of which is based on the fact that there is a sinker inside a doll, and the doll seeks to occupy a position strictly defined.
The tumblers will give you and your children great pleasure, this toy can turn, swing in any direction.
The product is made from the linden wood and hand-painted non-toxic paints.
Helps develop sensory perception, hearing as well as vision in your little one. Develops fine and gross hand motor skills. A toy for toddlers that teaches your child balance and arouses curiosity. Tracking the movement of the tumbler helps the child to concentrate and carefully observe the toy
This musical toy with a built-in bell makes a soothing ringing sound to help pacify your baby. Low volume and pleasant sound designed to protect children’s sensitive ears
Perfect for kids!

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